Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Yep its so big that you can walk around inside the tree!

There is really no describing the beauty here.

This is outside Yosemite national park 10,080 feet above sea level, its is a amazing glacier fed lake that is about 3miles deep.

More Yosemite, I have never seen the sky more blue.

Mountains majesty

If you want to see the edge of the world you can go to the beach.

What can I say besides beautiful.

Well I am sick, it stinks. So given that I can't really taste anything I thought I would share some pics of where I live. I love California, we have mountains, deserts, grass land and coast. My favorite being coast of course. I personally live in the Santa Cruz mountains, under the redwoods. It is so beautiful here all you can do is look up in wonder at how big and how old the trees are here its very humbling.

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  1. I must have sat here at the computer and looked at those amazing pictures for a good 15 minutes before I even thought to write a comment. Those are gorgeous! The stories that those redwoods could tell if they could talk! Thanks for sharing your slice of Cali with me!