Monday, November 8, 2010

mmm mmm mexican

the beginning of guacamole on steroids, cut avocodo and lots of lime juice

add corn, tomatoes, onion, black beans, cilatro  and if you really want to give it a boast add chopped chicken and or queso fresca. Didn't have any for this time but it is wonderful either way.

Its great on chips, tacos, burritos or even for wraps when you add the chicken and cheese

Homemade taco seasoning, I just won't buy the packaged stuff its to easy to make. I like to use the copycat recipe of lawerys taco seasoning with extras of course, I always add chipotle powder and extra chili powder( my man likes it spicy but not hot)lots of cumin, coriander and garlic and onions.

Put it all together and what a dinner its really a great way to stretch the budget also.The corn and black beans can make 2 avocados go really far, But I always have to make extra because its even better the next day. I love recipes that really just give you the base to start with and give you a chance to go wild and make it how you love it. So Coming soon I will be doing my very favorite mexican food, tamales, I love those corn husks filled with yummy goodness, So stay tuned people always good things to come and to any new people who give this a read, Its a pleasure to meet you and I hope to see more of you soon.
Always, Jodi


  1. mmmm, love this and the chicken recipe below. can't wait to read more!

    michelle :)